Are You 55 Years Old Or Older?

According to the bureau of labor statistics people over 55 have the highest percentage of unemployment and the highest number of weeks unemployed.

Not in the report though is the fact that you have the most life experience, widest range of skills.

You also have huge opportunity to create your own community on the net dedicated to helping others.

Just spending a few fun, productive hours a day building a following can be quite lucrative.

You may be a few years away from drawing SS or already there, it doesn't matter you can start from where you are.

The average monthly social security payment is $1,229. For many this is their major or sole source of income.

What if you you only made an average of $100 a day on the net. That's $3000 per month added to your income. That's an extra $36,000 a year.

Can you imagine how an extra $36,000 or more ​would enhance the quality of your life?

While the SS part is maxed out, the online business part is just the tip of the iceberg, a bare minimum. You could realistically hang another zero or two on that number.

Not to mention you can do it from anywhere and it's a lot of fun. Plus there's no age discrimination or educational requirements. You get paid for helping people and creating value, not hours on the job.

An added upside is that scientific studies are reporting one of the ways to stave off dementia and brain degeneration is to tax your brain and keep challenging it.

Starting your own information based on-line business will provide plenty of challenges for the old noggin. It really does make you feel younger and more alive, at least it does for me.

PS: Maybe you are in your 40's or younger. Believe me, 55 is sneaking up on you faster than you know. A head start is always a good thing. Why not start putting in some time now and who knows maybe you'll be financially independent long before 55.


Born premature, naked and crying, I overcame these obstacles to become an adventurer, motorcycle racer, amateur chef and international business troubleshooter. A lifestyle made possible by earning a great income online. My passion is to help you to have the money, time and freedom to create the lifestyle you desire and deserve.