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Thriving Instead Of Surviving

Fall in love with the word “Thrive”, it’s wonderful. Here’s what an online dictionary says about it.1. To grow vigorously : flourish2.To gain wealth or possessions : prosper3. To progress toward a goal or realize a goal despite or because of circumstancesSynonym – arriveRelated words – prevail, triumph, win, excelJust writing this post made me […]

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What Do PLR Stuff And Ticks Have In Common?

In my opinion, they are both parasites that suck blood off their hosts. Bear with the circuitous explanation, please.(If you don’t know what “PLR” stands for it’s”Private License Rights.”​ Stuff you can buy, put your name on it like you created it, and resell it. It’s usually crap that appeals to the get rich for […]

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