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Do You need A Pay Raise?

I’ve spent much of my business life self-employed. I was thinking about why I made the switch long ago and while there are several reasons, one in particular came to the front.Pay in general and pay raises in particular.When I got out of the service I was married and felt a responsibility to have a […]

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Are You 55 Years Old Or Older?

According to the bureau of labor statistics people over 55 have the highest percentage of unemployment and the highest number of weeks unemployed.Not in the report though is the fact that you have the most life experience, widest range of skills.You also have huge opportunity to create your own community on the net dedicated to […]

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Thriving Instead Of Surviving

Fall in love with the word “Thrive”, it’s wonderful. Here’s what an online dictionary says about it.1. To grow vigorously : flourish2.To gain wealth or possessions : prosper3. To progress toward a goal or realize a goal despite or because of circumstancesSynonym – arriveRelated words – prevail, triumph, win, excelJust writing this post made me […]

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