Creating vs Copying

All successful businesses are a mixture of copying and creating, however if you confuse the two, lean too heavily on one or the other or don't understand the difference between the art and techniques needed to succeed, you're in for tough sledding or failure.

This is one of the main reasons for failure when trying to make money online.

​Look at the great works of art or famous compositions. Anyone can paint or makeup a song, however the great masters understood their tools and materials and then used their creativity to create masterpieces.

How many times has an artist painted a woman, garden or a historical event? Yet Da Vinci's Monalisa, Van Gogh's Lilies or Starry Night or Monet's  ​garden classics are worth millions.

They didn't just create new methods, they created emotions that still touch peoples' hearts to this day..

It's the same for you, sure you need a system, and courses are good for that, but an auto-responder or landing page template isn't what makes you succeed.

They are tools, the paint and brushes. What you create with them is where you succeed or fail.

Think for a moment about some of the great masterpieces. They are considered priceless and sell for many millions or hang in museums. How much are copies of them worth?

How about art forgeries? They are worthless once found out.

It's the touch of the creator that creates the emotion and the value. It's only in the authentic original.

People can be deceived into feeling the emotion if they believe a copy is an original, however once they find out, they feel taken advantage of and swindled.

So the question remains what to copy and what to create?

We don't want to reinvent the wheel or plagiarize.

The key to this is to understand what's a tool and what needs to be created.

You don't have to come up with a totally different subject. Just like Da Vinci didn't have to invent a woman to paint the Monalisa.

You do need to come up with a new way to convey your offering that resonates with people.

For example, my business is based on my troubleshooting ability. I've come up with ways to help people get unstuck and moving towards their goal.

I call one method I use the "Tow Truck Concept." ​Briefly, I don't try to get you all the way to your goal each time. Like a tow truck, I get you unstuck and on your way.

If you get stuck again, I'm here to get you going again. All the way along until you succeed.

I use the same philosophy when guiding you to your goals. I give you clear, practical steps to get you to the next level.

I'm asked quite often why I don't have a course or group training. The reason is it's already being done by lots of people, and I don't think I could do much better.

Courses have inherent flaws, they're too impersonal and don't address specific issues in a real time manner. They are good for acquiring tools. ​

What I can do, and what I'm very good at, is helping people who have spent a lot of time and money on a course(s) and are stuck and frustrated to finally succeed.

What can you do that's similar?

Maybe you're trying to do too much. Maybe you could do something similar to my method.

Develop your concept and objective, then use the tools to create and market your offering.

If you're already pretty far along, use this to reassess ​where you're at and what to do next.

Balance what you're good at with what your target customer wants. No matter how good you are at something, if no one wants it you have a slim chance for success.

Please note that I said "want" instead of "need."

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Born premature, naked and crying, I overcame these obstacles to become an adventurer, motorcycle racer, amateur chef and international business troubleshooter. A lifestyle made possible by earning a great income online. My passion is to help you to have the money, time and freedom to create the lifestyle you desire and deserve.