In Honor Of Steven Covey

Steven Covey passed awhile back, he was 79. He crashed his bike on a steep downhill and never fully recovered from bleeding on his brain.

R.I.P. Steven.

I still remember when I first became aware of him many years ago. An underachieving derelict of an acquaintance walked by me with a book and I asked what it was about.

“This book is going to change my life” he proclaimed and showed me his copy of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Well it didn’t, last I heard he was either mooching off people or homeless.

But it certainly changed mine and continues to do so to this day.

I’m not going to pretend that I live the four quadrants or always take time to sharpen my saw, but he indelibly changed my outlook on things and gave me tools I use all the time.

I’m still aware when something is in danger of moving from important not urgent to important and urgent. This one thing alone continues to be of enormous benefit.

However the most poignant lesson was on perspective.

I refer to the story on the subway where he was enjoying the peace and quiet when the guy with the unruly kids got on. Just as he was about to blow his stack, the father looked up, apologized and said that he was sorry.

They had just come from the hospital where their mother and his wife had just died and he was lost.

He related how he went from anger to compassion in that instant.

That one story has done more to help me to cultivate compassion than all the other lessons on compassion I’ve received.

So, thank you Steven Covey, you changed my life and the lives of those I would have judged harshly.


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