"Everything should be as simple as possible, but no simpler" ~ Albert Einstein

As the above quote so eloquently states, I’m dedicated to finding the intersection of simplicity and effectiveness for myself and you. It's the alpha mantra, the umbrella under which I create, teach and seek shelter from a busy mind. I grew up in the home and under the tutelage of a tormented perfectionist and dutifully tormented myself for years. That is until I awakened to the joy and freedom of looking outside myself for ways to serve and inside myself to discover happiness.

Enough about me​, lets focus on you.

PeteChesson.com is the central hub for the key elements to guide you to be Happy, Healthy & Wealthy.

  • OnlineBizguru.com – Where I teach you how to make a great income online or in your present business as simply as possible.
  • MinimalistMindset.com – Where I get you in touch with how to live a simpler lifestyle in harmony with who you truly are.
  •  Esoterica is the central place where all my blogs have been consolidated. Select the category you want or browse.

There's no theory here, everything has been tested, implemented and  worked in the real world for me and my clients.  I live what I teach.

I’m continually distilling and re-distilling things on these sites in order make things simpler, easier and more effective for you. In my coaching and mentoring practice I’m continually striving to find the ways, analogies, etc. to clearly communicate to you what you need to succeed.

Nothing is static, I’m constantly evolving and so is what I teach and those whom I help.

One last point to ponder.

Don't dismiss the things you see on this site trilogy because they're short and simple. We've become hypnotized to equate lots of pictures and complicated content with value and importance. We can be easily dazzled by fluff and miss the substance.

"Don't mistake smoke for fire, one gets in your eyes and blinds you, the other is where the real heat is at" ~ Pete