Is $7 The New $9.99

Awhile back there was a kerfluffle over J.C. Penney dropping the cents and rounding off to the dollar.There’s been confusion over who created the .x9 pricing model.J.C.Penney is widely credited with it however it pre-dated him.Here’s the real scoop.Did J.C. Penney invent .x9 pricing and why?Nope…goes back way before that. Back in the early 19th […]

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Going Slowly

Don’t be afraid of going slowly, be afraid of standing stillThere are a lot of conflicting sayings and quotes out there. Most have good intentions, however they have a way of contradicting each other and sometimes even themselves.Many problems are caused by using them for permission to do what you want.As coach and mentor I […]

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Creating vs Copying

All successful businesses are a mixture of copying and creating, however if you confuse the two, lean too heavily on one or the other or don’t understand the difference between the art and techniques needed to succeed, you’re in for tough sledding or failure.This is one of the main reasons for failure when trying to […]

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