The Mayan Calendar Was Wrong

According to some, the Mayan calendar predicted that December 21st back in 2012 would be the last day.

Not according to my email inbox. So far today I've received 7 emails ( I'm sure to receive more) from supposedly reliable sources claiming that today is the last day.

For what; the end of your chance to succeed at internet marketing? To get the secret decoder ring, what for God's sake?

It's actually pretty clever marketing because while it's about the potential last day to buy their product, we all know the sequence. They always reopen the cart again for some reason to be figured out later.

However, your subconscious mind goes to same place as when it's faced with the end of the world.

It's not good at factoring in consequences and it avoids loss, perceived or real with the same ferocity. You automatically (subconsciously) feel the need to act to stave off this impending finality.

It's not your last chance to succeed, make money or be happy.

It's false urgency, and while you get tempted and distracted by the offer, you almost always lose sight of what is really urgent.

That is, what is the best thing you can do in this moment to move towards your goal?

Look, when you're stuck or frustrated it's easy to feel that the next BSO (Bright Shiny Object) may be just the ticket.

I understand, if you want to buy it go ahead, however do it consciously and don't let it be done out of frustration or unrealistic expectations and don't let it get you off course.


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