The Secret Of Change

"The Secret Of Change Is To Focus All Of Your Energy,
Not On Fighting The Old, But On Building The New." ~ Socrates

Socrates was onto something, modern neural science has proven him right.

Without getting lost in minutia, here's a general explantion.

Science has discovered that there's a physical reason why you develop certain habits and abilities. It has to do with a covering that encases your neural nerve pathways called myelin.

It makes sense of the concept that it takes 10,00 hours to master a skill.

It also ​shows that it's not a hard fast rule.

Myelin makes ​impulses travel faster and easier along the pathways it covers. This helps to explain our habits and skills.

If you use certain pathways more, the myelin builds up thicker making it easier for information to travel on that pathway.

It also explains why habits are hard or darn near impossible to break.

This also gives us a clue on the best way how to change our habits and  lives for the better.​

One way is to let the myelin atrophy from disuse along certain pathways, by resisting bad habits and counterproductive behavior to the best of your ability.​

It won't go away completely however it will be thinner and weaker, this explains why old habits are hard to completely break.​

Another is to form rituals that will help you to grow more myelin on the pathways that will change your life for the better.​

As Socrates suggested, by focusing on creating new myelin on good pathways and letting the old ones deteriorate from disuse.

I'll be posting an excerpt from one of my trainings on a great method for conquering your bad habits, that has helped many of my clients, in a future post.​

If you would like to understand this better and learn the best way to change your habits here's a link to a book that will transform your life ""The Power Of Habit."


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